Flowers speak for themselves and can speak a thousand words, but sometimes it is difficult to know what to say or send, this help guide will help you . .

What to Say . .

All my (our) love……
Fondest Love
Thinking of you on this special day
With love on this special Day

Wishing you a very happy…..
Best Wishes on your (our)
Thinking of you today and always
Hope you have a great Day on your….

Congratulations and Best Wishes on the birth of your baby (boy/girl)
Welcome Baby ….
Congratulations on the birth of baby….
Congratulations to you both.
Delighted to hear the news

With Best Wishes from across the miles at … time
With love and Best Wishes at ….
Happy ….

Thank you. With love and Best Wishes
Thank you for a lovely time
Your hospitality/your hard work was greatly appreciated.
Thank you for all your help/your hard work
Couldn’t have done it without you.

Get Well Soon
With Love and Best Wishes
Wishing you /With best wishes/ with love and Best Wishes for a speedy recovery
Thinking of you
Our thoughts and prayers are with you

With Deepest Sympathy
In Loving Memory of a dear….
Fondest Memories
With Love
Fond Memories never die they live on within our hearts
With Sincere Sympathy
Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time

Difficult to know what floral item to send:

  • A Traditional Flat Bouquet
    Ideal for someone who prefers to arrange their own flowers. Flowers need to be transferred and arranged in a vase. Also suitable as a informal funeral tribute.
  • A Hand Tied Bouquet
    A modern hand sculptured Bouquet so it can stand on its own stems and is delivered in a water bubble for freshness. It can be left as it is or for extra longevity placed in a vase without further arrangement. Ideal for any occasion, particularly welcome in hospitals or work where vases may not be to hand. Appropriate as sympathy flowers to a home not suitable as a funeral tribute to the Funeral Director.
  • A Floral Arrangement
    Features beautifully displayed cut flowers skilfully arranged by a florist. They are arranged in oasis in water in a container or basket or ceramic bowl. Suitable for a hospital, a hotel room, office or home. Particularly welcome to an elderly person or someone in hospital as they are easy to care for. Arranged in a basket adds a country style appeal.
  • A Planted Arrangement
    Brings a touch of the outdoors indoors. It can feature flowering or green plants or a mixture of both. Plants are arranged in ceramic bowl or basket. An ideal gift for any plant lover, particularly for a gentleman, an office or an exhibition.
  • Spray
    The open natural style of the funeral spray can be made into a range of sizes and shapes making it a very popular tribute. Only suitable as a funeral tribute to the Funeral Director not suitable for delivery as sympathy flowers to the home.
  • Wreath
    The traditional wreath is a ring or never-ending circle which symbolises eternity and the circle of life, and is an enduring sign of love and sympathy. Only suitable as a funeral tribute to the Funeral Director not suitable for delivery as sympathy flowers to the home.
  • Sheaf
    Classic and traditional style, odd stem length laid out flat back style bouquet arranged into a loose casual design with a bow ribbon. Only suitable as a funeral tribute to the Funeral Director not suitable for delivery as sympathy flowers to the home.

Our dedication to quality means your flowers will arrive with a sachet of flower food as well as professional care instructions so the beauty of your gift will last as long as possible. In addition, to ensure longevity, some flowers will be delivered in bud.

Flower Care

Take care when removing the cellophane. This is sometimes used as a resevoir for water to keep your bouquet fresh during delivery. Cut the stems at an angle about 3cms from the end. Place in deep water and stand in a cool shady place for an hour or more. Fill a vase with water, add flower food and place the flowers into the vase. Keep your flowers in a cool location away from draughts, direct heat and sunlight. Top up regularly with water and food. Some of your flowers may still be in bud. This is because we want you to enjoy them for as long as possible.

If a rose starts to droop at the head, re-cut the stem, wrap the head in paper to support upright and plunge 5cms of the stem into boiling water for about 30 seconds. Cut the stem again and place in deep cold water for 2 hours.

Lily pollen can stain. Please carefully remove lily stamens from any newly opening blooms and avoid direct contact.

Release the water from the water resevoir by cutting a hole in the cellophane over a sink. Remove all gift wrapping. Do not untie your flowers. They have been specially arranged and tied ready to be placed in a vase. Follow care instructions as for Bouquets.

Top up the container with water daily.

Fresh fruit is sometimes included in flower arrangements for decorative purposes only. Do not remove or eat as it may have beeen secured with wooden or plastic fixings.

These are for decoration only. To avoid the risk of fire you are advised not to light them.

Most plants like light and even temperature. Avoid draughts, fumes and cold. Foliage plants require little water in winter. Flowering plants generally need more water. Water Azaleas and Hydrangeas daily. Water St. Paulia and Cyclamen plants from the bottom and not the top. All plants should be fertilised as required.

These flowers/plants are for display only and must not be consumed. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Certain plants and flowers may be harmful or may cause irritation, so please be careful when handling. We recommend that you do not place your gift on an unprotected surface.